Munich on-demand public mobility service

Author: Cities Today - connecting the world's urban leaders

Date: 30th May 2018

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Munich's transport policy is in line with the latest trends worldwide, namely car-pooling services available through on-demand online booking. 

Key findings

The Munich Transport Company (MVG) is expanding its individual public transport network by introducing an on-demand public transport service: the MVG IsarTiger. The flexible ride-pooling service can be requested on-demand by customers by booking a ride via an app on their smartphone, with technology behind this program coming from Door2Door (a global provider of mobility solutions for on-demand economies and smart cities ).

The new mobility offering is convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. By maximising the use of automotive vehicles within the city (most of which stand idle an average of 23 hours a day), the project will help Munich accelerate its long-term goals of having fewer cars on the roads and creating better quality of life for its citizens.

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