Car-Sharing Services: An Annotated Review

Authors: Francesco Ferrero, Guido Perboli, Mariangela Rosano, and Andrea Vesco
Date published: February 2018
Research commissioned by: ICT for City Logistics and Enterprises at Politecnico di Torino, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, and CIRRELT

Why did we select this research?

The increasing demand for car-sharing services has been emerging as an innovative more sustainable method of transportation. Among the consequences, there is an obvious shift in the private mobility from ownership to service use (on-demand approach).

Key findings:

  • A higher usage of access-based services can increase the likelihood in ownership reduction by the customers (less people owning cars).
  • Role of growing attention in environmental issues. This has been leading to an increased attention in the usage of electric and hybrid vehicles (important behavioral shift).


Ferrero, F., Perboli, G., Rosano, M., & Vesco, A. (2017). Car-sharing services: An annotated review. Sustainable Cities and Society.