Policies, regulations & MoU's

In this room you find information on how cities deal with different policy elements related to housing.

Toronto Licensing and Registration Regulations for Short-Term Rentals

20/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Regulation on licensing and registration for short-term rentals in the city of Toronto (Canada)

Online seminar: Airbnb Regulations in Cities

07/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Hosted by Tracey Cook, the aim of this seminar is to collaboratively learn how cities all over the world regulate Airbnb and similar holiday rental platforms.

MoU Safety and Neighbourhood Quality

02/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The MoU between Dubai and Airbnb can help (city) governments to develop a strategy to make homesharing save and to warrant neighbourhood quality.

MoU Portland and Airbnb Emergency Management

02/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The MoU's presented here can help city governments in developing their emergency management plans.

MoU Short-term Rental Santa Barbara

30/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This memorandum of understanding provides insight into and a practical examples of how Santa Barbara county approaches short-term rental.

Rule of compensation in Paris

29/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The city of Paris obligates everyone who rents out their accommodation for a longer period than 120 days a year, to compensate for the loss to the regular rental market by acquiring a commercial prop