Sharing Office Space City of Amsterdam

"Amsterdam has created a free Airbnb for city-owned buildings" - Apolitical

Why did we select this case? 

The trend to open up underused spaces for rent has become popular in many cities around the world. Amsterdam is opened up for collaborative economy and contributing to its sharing city initiative by encouraging collaborative enterprises as well as taking the lead in the movement with pilot projects for car sharing, tools sharing, as well as space sharing.

About the Case 

As a part of Amsterdam sharing city action plan, the city will launch a platform for enterprises and group of people would like to set up meetings under the condition where the purpose of their organisations must be contributing to social change. 

"Office space will be free during office hours with the city council covering costs such as security, wear and tear, and utility bills." Kiri Scully in Iamexpat

By the end of 2017, up to 15 spaces will be made available for a start. Platform users are required to fill out details such as ‘what is your organisation’ ‘what kind of social impact is the group creating’ ‘ What’s the meeting for?’ ‘How will it contribute to the city of Amsterdam?’ Associated costs such as security and utilities will be take care of by the city government . However, minimal fee may be charged for outside office hours services.

Founders of the, idea Femke Haccou and Nanette Schippers, who work in chief of technology office of Amsterdam city government witnessed how many empty office spaces are underused within city-owned buildings. Opening up the platform also allow the government to update their database in order to keep track of their available spaces and buildings.

In Amsterdam.

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