Chicago buildings

What is it?

Vacant and Abandoned Building Finder is an American website that assists both people and organizations in finding abandoned buildings in Chicago that can have a potential negative effect on the neighborhoods surrounding them. 

How does it work?

With a very intuitive and simple layout, the website is divided between left and right. On the one side it can be seen the buildings per se (they are open and unsecured, been damaged by fire or some groups use it (homeless, gangs, etc) and on the other side, such buildings are potted on a map of the city. By clicking on the selected building, all the details about that property are displayed. A very interesting feature of this website, is that not only information on the buildings per se is provided but also about the neighbourhood, so it provides a framework for understanding the setting where the building is located, so poverty rate, population or unemployment are shown among other data.

Official website: