The Hague: A Sharing and A Circular City

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of publish: April 2019

What's the main topic of this seminar?

The main objective of this seminar was to talk about sharing and circularity within cities, more specifically in the case of the Dutch city of The Hague. To do so, we COUNTED with Jay Navarro Oviedo, an expert on circular economy and currently working at the municipality of The Hague, as well as being a member of the EU Urban Agenda partnership on circular economy.

Key findings:

  • Extreme prominent role of communities as factors towards change.
  • Need for recognition of urban specific challenges. Relation of such to sustainability and creating more sustainable cities and aware citizens.
  • Economic benefits of establishing circularity as a guiding policy principle. 

"How can municipalities enable an arena where its citizens and communities feel empowered and motivated to bring change? What other incentives can be used instead of the business as usual approach (money based)? What are the benefits (if any) for cities to push towards creating circularity within? How can that be done? In this seminar all these questions are touched upon with the objective of creating a better understanding of how the sharing and circular economy affects citizens and how (local) governments can respond appropriately."

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