Service Startups and Creative Communities: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Authors: Spyros Bofylatos and Ida Telalbasic

Date of publish: April 2019

Why did we select this research?

Service Startups and Creative Communities are both organizations that adopt service dominant logic to create innovative services, and can either facilitate the transition towards sustainability or they can support the unjust, neoliberal ‘gig economy’ that commodifies work and further elongates social inequalities.

Key findings:

  • Existence of a divide due the two organizations embodying different systems of values, which guide the design decisions and the way they are governed on an organizational scale.
  • The service system perspective plays a significant role in determining the directions of the systems of values embodied within aforementioned systems. Re-conceptualizing products, as a means for values to be experienced, and not embodied, fosters the shift from the materialistic towards the ideational.


Service Startups and Creative Communities, two sides of the same coin?, The Design Journal,  April 2019  
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