This room contains the latest research about the sharing economy, in specific related to finance.

More than profit: a collaborative economy with a social purpose

29/07/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research describes how collaborative economy models can help address social challenges in Europe and the characteristics of current activities.

Respecting Human Rights in the On-Demand Economy: Closing the New Governance Gap

29/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper uses a human rights and business lens to look at the on-demand economy

Platform Inequality: Gender in the Gig-Economy

29/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
What is the situation of women within the platform-based economy?

Service Startups and Creative Communities: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

29/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
How can new approaches to business change the game towards sustainability-focused models?

Diversifying and De-Growing the Circular Economy: Radical Social Transformation in a Resource-Scarce World

12/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The key role of behavior and patterns in the potential transition to a circular economy.