Impact of Car Sharing on Mobility and CO2 Emission

Authors: Hans Nijland, Jordy van Meerkerk and Anco Hoen
Date published: July 2015
Research commissioned by:  PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Why we select this research?

The study measured the isolated impact of car sharing on car ownership, car use and CO2 emissions. These facts are highly relevant for policy-makers who want to solve (urban) traffic and congestion problems. 

Key findings

The study demonstrates that carsharing reduces car ownership, as a shared car mostly replaces a second or third car. Simultaneously car sharers drive around 15% to 20% fewer car kilometres than before. Lastly carsharing reduces CO2 emissions, which can be ascribed to less car use and the lower degree of car ownership. 


Nijland, H., Van Meerkerk, J., & Hoen, A. (2015). Impact of car sharing on mobility and CO2 emissions. PBL Note, 1-12.