How can the Taxi Industry Survive the Tide of Ridesourcing? Evidence from Shenzhen, China

Author: Yu Nie
Date published: June 2017
Research commissioned by: Northwestern University

Why did we select this research?

What is the impact of ride-sourcing on the taxi industry and explore where, when and how taxis can compete more effectively in China? This paper deals with this question.

Key findings:

  • If the distance is very short (< 50 feet), we conclude that the taxis did not move much, and hence the segment between the two points is discarded.
  • A dedicated service fleet with exclusive street-hailing access will continue to co-exist with ride-sourcing and that regulations are needed to ensure this market operate properly.


Nie, Y. M. (2017). How can the taxi industry survive the tide of ridesourcing? Evidence from Shenzhen, China. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 79, 242-256.