Concept and Practice of the Circular Economy

Author: Athanasios  Valavanidis

Date of publish: July 2018

Why did we select this research?

The emergence of the concept of circular economy has brought, both among its proponents and those not so much inclined towards it, a new ground for discussion. This paper presents pioneering circular economy solutions that benefit the environment, the climate and the economy. Case studies and examples of companies that design their products in such a way that the lifetime of the products is extended and materials or components can be reused and recycled at a high value in the economy.

Key findings:

  • Idea of economy as a circular system is seen as a prerequisite for the maintenance of the sustainability of human life on Earth.
  • Despite the challenges the circular economy faces, it is increasingly receiving attention worldwide as a way to overcome the current production and consumption model based on continuous growth and increasing resource throughput.
  • Promotion of the adoption of closing-the-loop production patterns within an economic system, the circular economy aims to increase the efficiency of resource use, with special focus on urban and industrial waste, to achieve a better balance and harmony between economy, environment and society.


VALAVANIDIS, Athanasios, Concept and Practice of the Circular Economy, July 2018 []