Challenges of Circular Economy in Croatia

Authors: Ana Andabaka, Marija Penava and Tomislav Gelo
Date of publish: September 2018

Why did we select this research?

Unlike the rest of the European Union which is considered the greenest region of the world, Croatia is lagging behind. The shift towards circular economy is yet to begin and this paper is considering the most important steps Croatia will have to make to accelerate the transition process

Key findings: 

  • Clear and consistent communication across governmental departments is crucial for circular economy concepts’ success.
  • Developing regulatory framework in full compliance with EU regulations, introducing economic instruments, providing professional training, improving product design and encouraging innovations require portfolio of carefully chosen policy measures to initiate the circular economy transition process in Croatia.
  • The most urgent challenge for the Croatia lies in waste management, which requires on radical changes – namely leaving behind old practices and focusing on separate waste collection. Much more needs to be done in the area of information provision and education on the local level.


Andabaka, A., Beg, M., & Gelo, T. (2018). Challenges of circular economy in Croatia. International journal of multidisciplinarity in business and scienc, 4(5), 115-126.