Urban Mobility in the Smart City Age

Authors: Schneider Electric, ARUP and The Climate Group

Date of publish: June 2014

Why did we select this research?

Smart cities are changing the traditional understanding of cities in which citizens used to be "users" and now are moving towards being stakeholders. Amongst this and other changes, mobility is one of the stars. This report provides some refection on how mobility could be tackled in the rise of smart cities, taking sustainability as the cornerstone role in which such policies would develop.  

Key findings:

  • Operational efficiency and traveller experience need to meet to provide the best service.
  • Smart technologies as the potential way to generate new value and at the same time make mobility more sustainable.
  • Growth pressure calls for more efficient and faster methods of transportation (never neglecting the sustainable aspect of it).
  • Smart solutions need to be included in urban planning from now on (role of technology and data).


Schneider Electric, Urban Mobility  in the Smart City Age.  White paper.