Seminar: Toronto, Sweden and The Hague: Area Development in the Age of Sharing Economy

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of publish: January 2019

What's the main topic of this seminar?

The main goal of the seminar was to talk about area development in the era of the sharing economy. The seminar revolved around three case studies: Toronto's Quayside, Malmö's Sege Park and The Hague's Bink Eliand.

Key findings:

  • Need to establish a common ground regulating sharing economy?
  • What is the role of consumers in this new age where sharing is the trend?
  • What is the role of data and who should own it (if someone was to do so)?
  • Gentrification and its consequences.

" What is the role of data in the shift towards a sharing economy? How can it be ensured that citizens do not become part of any bigger corporations' experiments? How to avoid monopolies? In this seminar all these questions are touched upon with the objective of creating a better understanding of how the sharing & platform economy affects citizens  and how (local) governments can respond appropriately."

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