The Sharing Economy and the Future of Personal Mobility:New Models Based on Car Sharing

Author: Olga Novikova

Date of publish: August 2017

Why did we select this research?

How has the sphere of personal mobility been affected by the growth of sharing economy? Most of research analyses show the sharing economy has shaped personal mobility, yet this article studies the opposite relation by taking into account innovative mobility based models that represent solutions on the intersection of shared mobility, physical infrastructure, and integrated-mobility schemes..

Key findings:

  • Based on sharing, various models of new mobility modes can be established: lease-to-share, car-sharing business model for car manufacturers, collaboration of car-sharing companies and real-estate developers, self-driving car and end to classic car sharing or peer-to-peer, new mobility schemes, and lastly, future integrated mobility models.


Novikova, O. (2017) The Sharing Economy and the Future of Personal Mobility: New Models Based on Car Sharing. Technology Innovation Management Review.