The Implications of the Sharing Economy for Transport

Authors: Craig Standing, Susan Standing and Sharon Biermann.

Date of publish: March 2018

Why did we select this research?

When it comes to transportation, the need for a change of paradigm has become more and more urgent through the years, as an unsustainable number of citizens use their private cars for short commutes (home-work). This has an impact on cities and the livelihood of those. Furthermore, effects on climate due to car's emissions and quality of live as well. The paper discusses the potential for shared methods of transportation to be a part of the solution, as well as the much needed holistic approach to this challenge.

Key findings:

  • Need for establishing sharing economy business models to transportation.
  • Further investigate citizen's willingness and readiness to take part of car-sharing in a local context.
  • Invest in awareness-raising of car-sharing benefits.
  • Importance of understanding community context and personal needs to create the adequate incentives.


Standing, C., Standing, S., & Biermann, S. (2019). The implications of the sharing economy for transport. Transport Reviews, 39(2), 226-242.