Sharing and the city

Author: Swedish Research Council Formas

Date: March 2018

Key findings 

Yuliya Voytenko Palgan, the principal researcher and the project coordinator, underlines how sharing can help facing urban sustainability challenges (in particular are mentioned bottom-up initiatives, public private challenges, business start-ups, local government schemes). Social, economic and environmental challenges call for a faster development of sharing economy schemes.

- The main criticisms that sharing economy has to face are that 1) the environmental benefits of such practices are not evident 2) well-being and financial benefits are not evenly distributed

- In addition, we know little about how sharing economy practices emerge, how they evolve and according to which processes.

- Another gap which needs to be fulfilled is the lack of knowledge of how city governments engage with sharing practices and how to strengthen their sustainability potential. 

Project goals of Sharing and the City:

  • Examine, test and advance knowledge on the role of city governments 
  • Initiation, implementation, institutionalization of sharing organisations