This room contains the latest research about the sharing economy in the tourism sector.

Description of the Regulatory Environment Surrounding the Collaborative Economy in Tourism Accommodation

14/05/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Regulatory aspects affecting collaborative economy in the tourism acommodation sector in the EU 28 countries. Regulations and cases are discussed, with particular emphasis on market access requirement

Regulatory Aspects Affecting the Collaborative Economy in the Tourism Accommodation Sector in 28 EU Member States

Date published:  4 May 2018 Research commissioned by:  European Commission Why did we select this research? The report published by the European Commission offers an updated look at the shared tourism accommodation sector, including ...

When Guests Trust Hosts for Their Words: Host description and trust in sharing economy

19/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Authors: Iis P. Tussyadiah and Sangwon Park Date published: 22 February 2018 Research commissioned by: Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Surrey Why did we select this research? Peer-to-peer accommodation business conti...

“I Don’t Think My Landlord Will Find Out:” Airbnb and the Challenges of Enforcement

This paper elaborates on the planning implications of the STR market