Peer-to-Peer Carsharing: Exploring Public Perception and Market Characteristics in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Authors: Ingrid Ballús-Armet, Susan A. Shaheen, Kelly Clonts, and David Weinzimmer
Date published: January 2014

Why did we select this research?

The Transportation Research Board surveyed 300 people from 14 locations in San Francisco and Oakland to determine their attitudes toward and perceptions of carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, and the sharing economy. The paper discusses awareness, willingness of respondents to share their vehicles and motivations for to participate in peer-to-peer carsharing.


Ballús-Armet, I., Shaheen, S., Clonts, K., & Weinzimmer, D. (2014). Peer-to-peer carsharing: Exploring public perception and market characteristics in the San Francisco Bay area, California. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, (2416), 27-36. Retrieved from: