Ireland - Vacant Homes

What is it?

Vacant homes is an Irish website that shows all vacant houses in Ireland (information that had been introduced previously by the owner of the empty property). The point behind this site is to decrease the number of empty houses around the country, in such a way that no new houses have to be built and hence housing demands do no hinder environmental sustainability further.

Another purpose of this website is to raise awareness of the situation of empty housing, and therefore, if someone knows about an empty house, it can be raised and VACANTHOME compromises to try to reach such owner to see if that property can be put back in the housing market so someone else can actually make use of it.

How does it work?

The website has a very simple and clear layout, which makes it very intuitive for the user and goes directly to the point. There are various option bars to choose from, varying from the type of property, the nearest village or the geolocation. Once these details have been chosen upon, a couple of pictures of the property have to be uploaded, together with answering some more questions about the state of the property itself. Once all this information has been uploaded, the user can check the situation of the property listed on real time.

Official website: