Free accommodations for medical patients

Why did we select this case?

The partnership is a great example of how city governments can collaborate with sharing platforms to solve urban challenges such as affordable housing for medical patients.

About the Case

In March 2016, the municipality of Milan, Airbnb and CADMI (House of Hospitality for Abused Women) launched the new initiative to provide medical patients with a place to stay. In this collaboration:

  • Airbnb will donate travel coupons to be used to cover short-term accommodation for families travelling to hospitals in Milan.
  • CADMI will offer work opportunities to women who are in the process of recovering from a past of abuse. These women will manage the requests coming from the families and support them in booking their Airbnb listings.
  • Airbnb hosts will offer a 50% or more discounted rate for these special guests to help reach even more families.

Within 24 hours of launching the initiative, more than 100 hosts expressed interest in participating.

Program Overview:

  • Guests will be family members of patients receiving care or medically independent patients traveling for treatment.
  • Guests will be vetted and assisted by a local nonprofit organization, I Sei Petali. I sei Petali will work with CADMI to empower and support women who are victims of domestic violence, including by involving these women in the coordination of travel logistics for the patients or their families, helping these women to reinstate themselves in the society.
  • The average length of stay is 3 nights and the maximum length is 7 nights. The average number of guests are 2.
  • All reservations will take place through the Airbnb platform and be covered by its terms of service.

In 2015 more than 200,000 people travelled to Milan for medical reasons. For many of these individuals and their family members, finding an affordable place to stay while receiving care was a major challenge and financial barrier.

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