Examining Usage Patterns of a Bike-sharing Scheme in a Medium Sized City

Authors: Brian Caulfield, Margaret O'Mahoney, William Brazil, and Peter Weldon
Date published: June 2017
Research commissioned by: Trinity College Dublin

Why did we select this research?

Bike-sharing is one of the fastest growing new modes of transport in the world, with more and more schemes coming online every year. This paper examines the trends in a bike-sharing scheme that has been in operation in Cork since 2014.

Key findings:

  • Relevant role in attitude change (both from the citizens and municipalities, who have to build and invest in appropriate infrastructure.
  • The majority of trips in the scheme were short and in most cases frequent trips. Frequent users of the scheme were shown to have the shortest travel times, suggesting that these users have incorporated the scheme in to their daily (or weekly) trips. 
  • Weather conditions were also found to have an impact upon usage of the scheme. During good weather conditions the number of trips and the travel time was shown to be greater.


Caulfield, B., O'Mahony, M., Brazil, W., & Weldon, P. (2017). Examining usage patterns of a bike-sharing scheme in a medium sized city. Transportation research part A: policy and practice, 100, 152-161. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0965856416304141.