City of Milan and Airbnb Agreement on Provision of Hospitality Services

Why did we select this agreement?

The City of Milan entered an agreement for partnership and collaboration with Airbnb in 2015 in order to mediate the effects of short-term holiday rentals, while increasing awareness of characteristics and implications of the sharing economy as well as observing and analysing effects and impacts of space-sharing.

Agreement Between Airbnb and Milan


  • help the city to collect and transmit relevant information to both citizens and visitors of the city of Milan; issues relating to local public transport, tourist information (including information about the tourist tax), campaigns to raise environmental awareness and so on are simply examples and should not be considered as an exhaustive list;
  • initiate "digital literacy" programs, which enable those in society at risk of marginalisation to learn how to use computer tools (software, digital platforms, etc.), independently, in order to create an opportunity for social inclusion and reduce the so-called "digital divide"
  • based on anonymous, aggregated data gathered from the Airbnb platform, work together with the city of Milan council to carry out studies and research aimed at measuring the economic, social, and environmental impact of this form of collaborative tourism, especially for the Milan metropolitan area, and produce a report similar to those already prepared by Airbnb for other cities of the world;
  • initiate collaboration with local government to coincide with major events (fashion week, furniture fair etc): projects will also be decided on an ad hoc basis, for limited periods, in conjunction with major events, such as fairs and exhibitions: transmit to its community relevant information for citizens and visitors and/or invite its community to mobilize to respond to social needs of public interest;
  • evaluate and agree on action aimed at managing a critical situation that could involve the Milan metropolitan area in the event of a natural calamity or a national emergency, as declared by the Environmental Agency and/or relevant authorities


  • work together with Airbnb in the activities mentioned in the previous bullet points;
  • display the logo/trademark/trade name of Airbnb on any material envisaged in the publicity of this agreement and in all subsequent promotional activities put in place as a result of this present agreement, depending on separate common decision taken with Airbnb when the occasion requires these;
  • give full visibility to the agreement in conferences and talks, and in networking and inall related events, depending on separate common decisions taken with airbnb when the occasion requires these;
  • spread information in the occurrence of a natural calamity, through its own channels, regarding the availability of temporary accommodation, provided by airbnb hosts, for citizens who are victims of the calamity,  or of an emergency, as provided for by the disaster tool project, which allows hosts who wish to do so internationall, to open their homes for free to those in temporary need of accomodation;
  • promptly inform of any event which may in some way affect the normal progress of the agreement, considering the fact that any changes must be agreed with Airbnb;
  • deploy a group of its own professionals, belonging to a cross-sector working group, to help contribute to the realisation of the activities described above;
  • work closely with airbnb in the definition of the content and the creativity of social campaigns to be devised and aimed at external players;
  • act, within the scope of its autonomy and legal constraints, with the maximum transparency and compliance with the law on privacy in the use and storage of any personal data shared with Airbnb

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