Barcelona: Stimulating Entrepreneurship

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of publish: June 2018

What's the main topic of this seminar?

The main goal of this seminar was to discuss different ways in which city governments can prompt entrepreneurship and impel the local sharing economy. This seminar was a platform for the participants to share policies and programs that have successfully  supported sharing and platform economy entrepreneurs. The seminar was co-hosted by the Alliance as well as members from the Barcelona city council, the Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) and Procomuns & Dimmons (UOC), who took upon the example of how Barcelona is achieving such goal.

Key findings:

  • Need for a network of cities from which to learn from. Exchange of experiences, best practices and transference of know-how as a key aspect of successful programs.
  • Specific role of cities within the sharing ecosystem.
  • Relevance of being inclusive.

"In this seminar all these questions are touched upon with the objective of creating a better understanding of how the sharing & platform economy affects citizens  and how (local) governments can respond appropriately."

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